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rain played havoc with construction projects. >> they gave us half a day off. we are glad it rained. >> reporter: others not so glad. one called the weather bipolar. >> sunny and beautiful and then, of course, two hours later down pours. >> reporter: back live now you can see the unstable air. this sathunderstorm and it is gorgeous -- this is a thunderstorm and it is gorgeous. illuminated by the sun. a lot more unstable air is on the way. we can see it off shore. so keep the warm gloves and coats handy. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. [ music playing ] live storm tracker 2, we see the showers and you can see in the mountains, the purple up here here, snow falling around
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the foothills. heavy snow and it is coming down to 3,000 feet in the next few hour. closer now. you will see the rain moving into san jose right now. the san francisco commute. we are seeing shower activity south towards san jose. it is light right now. half moon bay, showers up there as well. this scattered showers activity, this area, this area, west side of san jose swings through the bay area. more untable weather. cool air. -- unstable weather. cool air. expecting snow level down to 3500 feet. it is a cold one and not going away. i will have more details in a few minutes. >> coming up, we will take you up to the sierra where it is snowing right now. one news crew says they got stuck today because of the
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snow. we will hear from them in 9 minutes. student protest wrapped up at university of california at berkeley today. they want tuition cut now that prop 30 passed. ktvu's sal castaneda is live with how today's action is a far cry from what happened a year ago. >> reporter: for one thing the protesters have left, although these are a lot of students walking by, walk ugway from -- walking away from class. they say they were protesting to make higher education affordable to all. >> reporter: many braved the wind and the rain for a walk out and rally to demand tuition reductions now that prop 30 has passed. at one point it was pouring but that didn't dampen the spirit of the crowd. today's demonstration comes near the first anniversary of the occupy cal movement.
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last year police and protesters clashed when tents were removed. this year the demonstration has been noisy but peaceful so far. after the noon rally the crowd marched where meetings were held. they wanted to make sure the money raised by prop 30 gets used for public education. >> right now the money is not guaranteed to go to public education. unless we push it goes where it is supposed to go, it will end up going to the general fund. >> have to show we won't accept it. we have to get out on the streets and demonstrate we are here. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 p.m., we folk to university officials today, they have clear rules about demonstrations here and they sent them out to the students.
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we will have more coming up at 6:00 p.m. live, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. california state university trustees are considering new fee hikes that could push students up to earn their degrees faster. they will levy fee increases on seniors. students who repeat courses and students who take more than a fuel load. it would effect 71,000 students. student groups say the fees punish those who take longer to graduate. the university of california shows a new chancellor for university of california at berkeley. nicholas dirks is a professor at columbia university. he also taught at the poly tech sunshine and the university of michigan. a back up on 580 because so
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many people wanted to shop at a new mall that just opened. these are live pictures where you can see there are still major back ups tonight. ktvu's rob roth is at the mall and tells us why it is such a big draw. >> reporter: the outlet is in full swing, shoppers are coming and going and the parking lot is full. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: champagne, confetti, the celebration began this morning. 132 high end retail outlets. >> we are so excited. for thousands -- >> reporter: for thousands of shoppers getting here was a big
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deal. police blocked offside streets to prevent grid locks. some people parked blocks away from the mall. it took us 45 minutes from the freeway exit. >> 1 hour and 15 minutes. >> people seemed to buy everything in sight. >> hand bags and more hand bags. >> shoes. >> sweat shirt. shirt. hat. >> the mall means 2,000 jobs and expected to add $2 million a year in sales tax. enough to pay for an additional 10 police officers. this is the first mall built in the bay area in 11 years. >> we have 543,000 square feet of prime retail. this opening up. and it is going so well. 100% booked. >> reporter: some shoppers skipped work to come here.
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everything is discounted at least 25%. >> it is great. >> i got a little bit of everything. i spent money i probably shouldn't have. >> reporter: a live look from the helicopter over the freeway. shoppers and commuters converge. about 100,000 cars are expected to come to the mall over the four day grand opening rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the chick-fil-a opened a new store in walnut creek this morning. chick-fil-a came to attention after the company's founder voiced his opposition to same- sex marriage and donated money to groups opposing it. protesters on both sides were at today's opening. >> they made it the issue. made it so public and out there that they don't believe there should be equality. there should be gay marriage. >> it is not that i hate them. i mean, you know, it is not
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about hate at all. it is about being american and we should be able to -- to run our restaurants the way we want. >> not everyone was there to make a statement. dozens set up tents last night hoping to be one of the first 100 customers who will get a free meal every week for a year. murder suspect made a court appearance today in connection with the case of a retired school teacher. he faces 9 counts in connection with the killing of shoesy -- susie ko. he was brought back to california after he and his wife was arrested in california after driving a car from her home. a san jose man is under arrest after a pipe bomb was
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found in his car. james mcgill was arrested last night. police discovered the bomb after making a traffic stop. they detonated it. he hasn't said what he was doing with the device. he was backed on driving under the influence and possession of a explosive. in the past 30 minutes a group in san francisco announced they are looking into ways to hold san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi accountable. they are mad that ross mirkarimi remains in office despite pleading no condest to domest -- contest to domestic battery against his wife. in a statement she wrote, san franciscans remain disappointed in the votes of four members of the board of supervisors to
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reinstate ross mirkarimi. investigators concluded a 12-year-old girl failed to yield when she was hit and killed on her bicycle. she was hit by a suv and died a thet hospital. a police report says the collision occurred because the bicyclist entered the road without yielding to an approaching vehicle. syrian dictator is vowing to live and die in syria. he also warned the western world that any foreign intervention would cause violence throughout the world. it comes two days after the britting -- british prime minister offered him immunity.
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he said he would never flee. . >> the obama administration only provided non-lethal support for rebel groups. it is not clear where he gave that interview. officials announced iranian jets fired at a drone like this one. the drone was flying 12 miles off the coast of iran and was not hit. they have not said if this is considered a act of war or if there is plans for a military response. in the sierras it has been snowing so much that a news crew got stuck on interstate 80. mike, what is it like up there tonight? >> reporter: man, things calmed down a little bit here at 5,000 feet. at 2:00 the rain turned to snow
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just like that. let me show you what fell in the last 2 hours. you can see how many inches of snow fell. we were at 6,000 feet trying to get here when we ran into a full on stand still. we were stuck for a good hour just trying to go about 4 miles along interstate 80 to get to this point. the one thing i want to point out, that is interstate 80, those headlights, that is i-80. westbound things were so bad, in truckee, the california highway patrol closed the interstate and turned traffic around because there was so many spin outs and accidents. 11 reports of spin outs and accidents along i-80 from blue canyon, all the way up up up to the summit. so things are still a mess on
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the interstate even though the weather calmed. but it was dumping several inches just in 2-1/2 hours causing a big mess up here. one saying this another reminder, when they say be prepared with the food, water, bankts for being stuck in traffic -- blankets for the being stuck in the traffic, they mean it. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords comes face to face with the man who shot her. what her husband said before the defendant learned his sentence. >> 15 months, what safeway workers are being urged to do by their union leaders.
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. today was sentencing day for the man who opened fire in arizona last year, killing 6 and wounding 13 others, including former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he will never be free again. >> reporter: a woman who
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survived the shooting because her husband gave his life to protect her. >> exoneration for my husband. >> the shooter jared lee loughner was brought to the courthouse in a caravan of police officers. he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. pleading guilty to 19 federal charges. >> it is our hope this will be a positive step towards their healing process. physically, emotionally, and psychologically. >> reporter: the shooting was in a grocery store parking lot in january 2011 when gabrielle giffords was meeting with constituents. she was shot in the head. the man who was elected to take her place did. >> it shocked our community and
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broke our hearts. there is no way to make sense of those senseless acts. >> reporter: gabrielle giffords' husband mark kelly says she is blind in one eye and struggles to walk. he grabbed her hand and walked away. >> jared lee loughner's sentence is 7 connective life terms, followed by 140 years in prison. it is unclear where he will serve. >> one of the victims of the colorado theater shooting in july returned to work today after recovering. co-workers donated 106 vacation and sick days so he would be paid during his absence. he says he feels sadness for the man who shot him. >> i can't imagine what it
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would be like, living a life of pure hatred. i just trust the path he puts at my feet. >> he was one of 58 people injured. 12 other people were killed. authorities figured out the source of a carbon monoxide leak that prompted the evacuation of a hotel in burlingame. guests at the embassy suites were forced to leave at 1:00 a.m. this morning because of the high carbon monoxide levels. one person was taken to had hospital. investigators traced it to a malfunctioning boiler. >> there was a malfunctioning piece of equipment in the hotel. since that time the equipment has been isolated. we decided we were going to evacuate for the safety of the occupants. >> fire crews ventilated the building and the guests were
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allowed back in at 5:00 a.m. a college student was killed in a vehicle accident. he hit a tree yesterday. he got separated from friends and that alcohol may be a factor. he is from oakland. he graduated from antioch high school. and started college last year in oregon. >> safeway worked out a contract with its union workers. it covers workers in northern california. they are recommending members ratify the deal. comes after 15 months of negotiations. meanwhile raley's and nob hill foods workers remain on the picket line. a good sign for the job market. there were 355,000 new claims. that is 15,000 less than the
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370,000 estimate. many say superstorm sandy could push unemployment applications higher and that is typical after a large hurricane. school teacher won a award and now in line for national recognition as well. she teaches 7th grade english. named one of 5 california teachers. the incident said she is an innovative teacher, she has her students write down their own daily learning targets and she is a contender for national teacher of the year. today we are seeing rain in the bay area as our chief meteorologist bill martin said yesterday. >> scattered showers and snow on the higher elevations of the bay area. but the big thing right now, how cool it is. temperatures last couple days, warm, records a couple days ago and now temperatures are in the 50s. the rain and the snow. we are seeing it on the higher
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elevations. check it out. the white area is snow. snow in there foothills. blue canyon. 4-inches there. showers moving on shore towards san francisco now and half moon bay. scattered showers. that is the deal. cold storm. this cool storm continues to linning into tomorrow -- linger into tomorrow. scattered showers, jackets necessary. snow flurries in the mountains down to 2500 feet. winter weather advisory through tomorrow morning. if you have mountain plans, be prepared. thursday night, 8:00 p.m., tonight, clouds, rain to the
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north of us. looks like more activity at 1:00 a.m. after midnight. when i was watching this, maybe a chance of a thunderstorm, that is a possible. and more showers moving on shore. these are tough to forecast, they are not coming in a line, they are coming in energy packets. here is an energy packet. impulses slide through. that is how today was. as we go through the next 24 hours, expect what we have been seeing. keep a jacket handy, umbrella handy. 3:00 a.m. and then in the early morning hours, things dry out. but more scattered showers. story will be scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm. friday morning, saturday morning, the over night lows, it is going to be close. i will see you back here in a little bit. fire department is putting new ipads in all of the fire trucks. the special software they have and how it would have helped
5:23 pm
during the pg&e pipeline explosion. >> what you will be able to purchase from this new online site.
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5:25 pm
firefighters are going high tech. as of today all of their fire engines are equipped with nigh ipads. -- with new ipads. they are mounted inside the cabs of the fire trucks. they can give them incident
5:26 pm
access to key information about an instant. including mapping and building information. the chief says it lets him track resources and assess the damage from a fire or other disaster. >> it can't be a toy. it has to be a tool. we tried hard to duplicate what we are already doing. if it is in paper, a form, data, that is where we started with this device. >> the chief says the new ipads could have helped firefighters respond to the san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. that is because the software shows the exact location of pg&e's pipelines. the fire district was able to buy them and their software thanks to a $10,000 donation. san francisco based twitter says its security team accidentally reset passwords
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today. they received e-mails saying their accounts have been compromised even though it didn't. there was no breach, just a mistake. coming soon, tweets from the pope. they plan to set up a twitter account for pope benedict xvi. he writes most things long hand and doesn't use a computer much. amazon launched a new venture. it is now selling wine online. california is one of a dozen states where amazon can ship. omzahn is offering thousand -- amazon is offering thousands of dollar wines. from $10 to a thousand dollars a battle. woman attacked, forced into her car, how the story ends in the oakland hills. >> a major project is about to
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get underway to fix one of the worth interchanges, why it will get worse before it gets better. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> a woman kidnapped, tied up and driven around for hours. her captors got what they were after now police are after them. this investigation spans two counties and police may have some of the crime caught on tape. the woman was taken after leaving her office. hours later her kidnappers left her in the oakland hills. ktvu's mike mibach is live where you learned the kidnappers had one thing on their minds. >> reporter: a crime motivated
5:31 pm
by cash and in this case the criminals needed a victim, a bank card and a pin number. they got all three. and once they did, off to the atms. >> reporter: police respond to a woman who says she was abducted and robbed. he says the story starts in the city of walnut creek. last-night at 7:30 p.m. -- last night at 7:30 p.m. a woman walks to her car. >> she was accosted by two white male adults. they forced her into her car. blind folded her and tied her arms and legs. >> the two men drove to a number of atms and with drew money -- withdrew money. >> looking into footage from a number of location. >> reporter: 2-1/2 hours after
5:32 pm
the crime started the woman was tied up in her car and left in the oakland hills. the criminals, cash in hand, took off. >> after she was released a truck, older, smaller, brownish or darked colored truck was seen leaving the area with a loud muffler. >> the victim was treated that hospital for minor injuries. here car is being processed for clues. the description is white males, mid-20s. 511, 185, short dark hair. white t-shirt under a black jacket. 5'9", 150. this appears to be a random attack and no similar crimes have been reported. live, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. a second man has been arraigned in connection with the of iting of a mun -- touching of a muni bus during
5:33 pm
the giants' world series. authorities say he is one of several men who stopped the bus and set it on fire. the judge ordered him held without bail saying he is a known gang member and was on probation. his hearing is set for november 26. a judge blocked a provision in the human trafficking ballot proposition. 81% of voters approved prop 35 this week on tuesday. the judge issued a restraining order against the part that requires registered sex offenders to provide authorities with a list of their online user names. a hearing is set for november 20. a 7-year-old -- 70-year-old homeless woman killed in august, she is the woman
5:34 pm
stabbed to death august 13 in san jose. she moved here from new york and had not been in contact with her family for 30 years. officers say he is the man who killed her in a random attack. starting tomorrow morning a big project will begin to fix the south bay's worse freeway interchange. connects valley fair and santana road. ktvu's robert handa is live now from where it will begin. >> reporter: those two shopping centers got very popular and brought all the traffic with them. >> reporter: it is why this interchange is the focus of a $62 million reconstruction project. each day 200,000 vehicles
5:35 pm
travel 880. 200,000 use 280. and 80,000 drive stevens creek boulevard. >> it is the worst. valley fair and santana road. >> it is such a hassle. and then the holidays coming up. they need to fix it. no good. >> reporter: starting tomorrow construction begins to widen the on ramp and build another lane from 880 to valley fail. next summer a fly over ramp. the project is expected to be finished by 2015. >> a lot of ramps to come together and merge. our goal is to separate it. >> we will start seeing lane closures, lot of crews on the ground. people will want to slow down in the area. they will need to have patience. >> reporter: many are willing to put up with construction noise to fix it. >> i feel okay with it.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: knowing it will be better helps? >> yes. >> reporter: some people are wary. >> hopefully it gets done sooner than later. nobody likes to sit in traffic. nobody will be happy. >> reporter: one consideration, they will put off most of the major construction will after the holidays. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the title of top selling smartphone might be short lived. 16.2million for the iphone 4s and apple sold 6 million iphone 5s. apple well retake the title in the 4th quarter. there are reports fox con
5:37 pm
is shopping for factories in the u.s. they are looking around in los angeles and detroit. and its focus on lcd television equipment. they also announced plans to train u.s. engineers. they have two locations in the u.s., including in santa clara. a earthquake rattles central america. the desperate search for survives. >> and the east coast is getting slammed against by mother nature. the havoc she is bringing this time around.
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the death toll is 52 people following a major earthquake in guatemala. the 7.4 was centered off the coast of guatemala. 22 people are missing. many are presumed dead. 70 aftershocks hit in the first 24 hours. another storm in an area struggling to recover from superstorm sandy. the nor'easter made its way through new england today. it is adding to the damage from the superstorm sandy and pushing back recovery efforts. caused power outages and many people who got power back, were
5:41 pm
plunged back into darkness in temperatures near freezing. >> awful. i am done. >> i don't know, you keep going. crack up at times and get up the next morning and keep going. >> the snowstorm is also causing problems for drivers. new york is gas rashenning -- rashenning. losses could total $33 billion. superstorm sandy forced the shut down of oil refineries. the governor estimated damage from maine to the carolinas and to the ohio valley could reach $50 billion. new study reveals surprising information about their sense of touch. the reptiles have touch censors that are among the most acute.
5:42 pm
so much so alligators will turn to face a single drop of water in a dark enclosure. they are sensitive to pressure and vibration to detect water movement and the location of prey. sport crabbing seasons is an important indicator. what we found out still ahead. >> and right now i am tracking showers around the bay area. we have got snow in the mountains and more on the way. more rain headed your way. back here in just 10 minutes. s
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new at 5:00 p.m., commercial crab fishing season is about to start but some have already been out catching crab. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with more on what the cabers are seeing in the ocean. tom? >> reporter: that is because the commercial crab apots will soon -- crab pots will soon be mining for treasure. with the sport crab fishing season just underway. it is an advanced indicator of the commercial season that begins in a week. that fills the traps that fill the restaurants and grocery stores. he is a skipper. >> years past, we could go out on opening day on sports season and find traps holding 6-10
5:46 pm
crab on the opening day. that is a weak indicator. >> reporter: this year? >> every trip we are expecting a lot. >> a lot of the bigger boats are hesitant to come down. >> reporter: because they may be restrained by good crabbing up there and high costs to truck crab pots down here and it is not just the party boats. lot of folks go crabbing right from the peers where no license is required. >> it is closer. hopefully catch some crab. >> reporter: like all things dependent on nature, patience is necessary. >> i came saturday. stay for 5 hours, nothing. monday i got 8 crabs for 4 hours. >> reporter: the only sticking
5:47 pm
point could be if they can't agree on a price before the boats go out, because then they won't. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. in colorado surveillance video caught someone breaking in and stealing three puppies from a pet store. >> where is your friend? >> these are the lucky pups, the ones the thief left. a man threw a rock through the window, and climbed inside and ran to a pen, stuffed three puppies into a bag and took off. police have plenty of cruz to vol-- clues to follow. for the first time in a decade, position is reporting -- mcdonalds is reporting a drop in sales. dropped 1.8% in october. that hasn't happened since
5:48 pm
2003. their u.s. locations was hurt by higher competition. mcdonalds says they saw declines in europe, asia, africa and the middle east. on wall street today the dow is down 0.94 to 12,811. the nasdaq is down 41 at 2,895. the s&p is down 17 at 1,377. a study out of tennessee shows what went wrong on the outbreak of meningitis. the steroid injections were produced without preservatives and some patients received shots from vials 7 weeks old. 1-5 of the patients got sick. drugs that sit before they are administrated are supposed to have pervatives -- preservatives. 424 people became ill, 31 died.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: officials say fewer people are smoking cigarettes. the centers for disease control reports 44 million americans still smoke. the biggest drop was among 18- 24 years old and there were fewer heavy smokers but more smoke just 1-2 a day. firefighters are making progress on a brush fire south of reno. it broke out this afternoon and grew to 5 acres and burned two outbuildings. it is now 50% contained. voluntary evacuations have been lifted. authorities don't know how it started. >> back now to our bay area weather. this is different than a few days ago. >> it is crazy. this feels like a late spring weather system, cold, low snow, rainy, as we go outside. i would like to point out this
5:50 pm
area that i am tracking. between the bridge. you see the live radar. they are getting hammered. rain is coming down. if you are under this cars are going slow. it is coming down. towards hayward, union city, more activity, special towards mission peak. you see activity. south, down towards gilroy, san jose, you are dry right here. showers towards morgan hill and gilroy. some areas quarter inch, some of the heaviest areas, half inch of rain. scattered showers and very cold over night lows with clouds and rain. you don't expect 41 degrees. 40 napa. chilly and cold tomorrow morning. wet as well. roads will be wet. tomorrow not as active as
5:51 pm
today. still a chance for a thundershower and scattered showers. peaks, snow. we are not expecting flood warnings or advisories. friday, more scattered showers. this is the culprit. saturday the low creeps up buts the cool air stays. it will be frosty in the morning. which is unusual for this time of year and temperatures freezing or near freezing in many valleys. the forecast tomorrow morning, showers moved off. a lot of showers in the area, lunchtime tomorrow, more activity tomorrow afternoon. it is widely scattered. it will linger in the mountains. they could see a foot of snow or so as we go into the next 14- 18 hours. highs tomorrow, just couple days ago we had record highs. tomorrow jackets. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, chance of
5:52 pm
showers stays in the forecast, maybe a thundershower. snow in the lower elevations. keep the jackets handy and the umbrellas. it does not feel like early november. does not. >> throw all the stuff in the car. thank you. a rally that white house. what the demonstrators are asking the president to do now that he will be in office 4 more years.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
research reveals physicals may have the same biases against obese people as the general public. they used a computer model that examined conscious and subconscious bias. there is no proof the doctors treated obese patients differently than others. latino voters are demanding action from president obama. >> i want him to put as much effort as he did for the headquarter reform into immigration imreform. -- into reform. >> 70% cast their ballots for president obama. today they demonstrated at the white house asking the president to help clear a path
5:56 pm
for citizenship. critics say not so fast. >> illegal immigrants will hurt the american worker. >> democrats plan to bring up immigration reform after the president's inauguration in january. lawmakers are calling on data mining companies to make their operations more transparent. they collect and sell personal information about consumers. they tap a variety of sources. they sent requests to brokers to answer questions about their procedures. one of the main questions is how they rate consumers and group them into categories. a man comes home battered and bruised after celebrating the giants' world series win. now he died.
5:57 pm
his roommate tells us what he saw that night. >> and boxes of mys are arriving. -- supplies are arriving. the holiday help that has needy families lining up and preparing to camp out over night. actually, i just press this button.
5:58 pm
brew what you love, simply. keurig. complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2complete
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bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news -- complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> he said the paramedics checked him out and he was okay. >> only on 2 tonight, a man dies after a celebration for the giants' world series win and his roommate tells ktvu what happened in the hours leading up to his death. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasia death.frank -- hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> police are asking witnesses to come forward. only on 2 tonight, ktvu's david stevenson smoke with the man's room -- spoke with the man's roommate about what happened the night his friend was killed. >> reporter: this is a strange case because it centers on how the man was injured on the night the giants' world series win. >> reporter: police are investigating whether a man was fatally assaulted or injured himself at this

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